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F. Curtis Barry & Company

  • 9607 Gayton Road, Suite 200
  • Richmond VA 23238
  • Phone: 804-740-8743
  • Name: Curt Barry
  • E-Mail:
  • Website:

Company Description

Our mission: increase productivity, reduce costs and improve customer service.  Consultants specializing in product fulfillment for multichannel companies –

e-commerce, catalog, retail and wholesale distribution.  Provides services in operations assessment; systems selection & implementation; process improvement; warehouse layout and design; Supply Chain and distribution strategies such as multi-DC analysis and site selection; freight cost reduction; 3rd party analysis and selection.  Systems experience with ERP, OMS and WMS systems and many vendors in this space.  Our website has dozens of helpful articles to improve your business.  Founded in 1984, we work with many of America’s leading merchants and many merging companies.

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