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  • 4 Colndale Road
  • Colnbrook Berkshire, SL3 0HQ
  • Florence Evans

Company Description

Say Welcome, Bievnenue, Welcommen, Ben Vindo, Velkommen to 740 million new customers.

Europe: population of 740 million people, 50 countries, high internet usage and some of the world’s wealthiest consumers, it presents unmissable business-changing potential.

Particularly in Russia, where despite recent changes to the customs legislation, wnDirect are one of the few carriers still shipping.

wnDirect is an award winning international logistics company, developed specifically for eCommerce, filling a gap in the market providing a hybrid between mail and express.

Supporting US retailers successfully navigate the complexities of cross border trade in Europe and elsewhere quickly, easily, reliably & cost effectively.

wnDirect: the faster alternative to mail – the cheaper alternative to express